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Hawker Hurricane's V6810 & V6924 - 14/12/1940

Type Serial No Unit Station Duty Crew Passengers
Hawker Hurricane V6924 No 312 (Czech) Squadron Speke Patrol Base 1 -
Hawker Hurricane V6810 No 312 (Czech) Squadron Speke Patrol Base 1 -

Pilot Officer Gundry flying Hawker Hurricane V6810 and Sergeant Janeba  flying Hawker Hurricane V6924 took off from Speke on the afternoon of the 14th December 1940 on a routine patrol to patrol base at 10,000 feet and after a while the flight became lost due to bad weather, the landing lights were turned on at Speke along with other nearby airfields as well as numerous search lights, and after wondering up and down the cost unable to see any lights, No 9 Group HQ then gave the order for the two Hurricanes to force land, the Hurricanes force landed with wheels up, at Crossens Near Southport at 17:40 hours. The two pilots returned to Speke unhurt.

The pilots were later commended for their actions in saving the aircraft from serious damage.

Position Rank Name Service No Age Status
Pilot Pilot Officer H C Gundry - - OK
Pilot  Sergeant

 Josef Janeba 

 787707  -  OK

Speke Incidents