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Airspeed Oxford  R-6179 - 03/12/1942

Type Serial No Unit Station Duty Crew Passengers
Airspeed Oxford  R-6179  7th Air Depot Group Langford Lodge Return Flight To Langford Lodge 1 1

At 13:45 hours on the 3rd December 1942 Airspeed Oxford No R-6179 of the 7th Air Depot Group was returning to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland after delivering radio equipment to Speke. The aircraft was flown by 2nd Lieutenant Joseph E Lowe and 1st Lieutenant John L Pearce of the Signals Corps as a passenger, the weather at the time of take of was not good with icing at 1,500 feet and visibility about a mile.

The aircraft headed out across the River Mersey to avoid the Liverpool defences, the aircraft had to fly down to 800 feet as the cloud base lowered. As the aircraft was not fitted with radio the pilot had to maintain visual contact with the ground, however they were forced to climb up through clouds to clear barrage balloons that were in the area and then the aircraft suddenly crashed into the 1,450 high Mountain Fron Hen Mountain in North Wales, the aircraft was completely wrecked but the crew survived with major injuries and were taken to the hospital at RAF Sealand.

Position Rank Name Service No Age Status
Pilot 2nd Lieutenant Joseph E Lowe - - Major Injuries
Passenger 1st Lieutenant John L Pearce - - Major Injuries

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