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Supermarine Spitfire P7780 - 22/10/1941

Sergeant Z Horn flying Supermarine Spitfire No P7780 of No 306 (Polish) Squadron was on a sector recon flight on the 22nd October 1941 and during this flight he became lost, and whilst in flight his engine stopped. Sergeant Horn then made a crash landing with undercarriage retracted on rough ground near Frodsham. The aircraft was badly damaged and Sergeant Horn was slightly injured

The official investigation concluded that the pilot should have checked his fuel at intervals during flight and faulty navigation due to fail to call for a homing beacon.

Sergeant Horn was admitted to RAF Wilmslow hospital on 04/11/1941and discharged on 09/11/1941 but this may not be related.

Spitfire No P7780 was transferred to General Aircraft Ltd on the 30th October 1941 where it was "Reduced to Produce" on the 1st April 1942.

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