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Hawker Hurricane P2827 - 07/07/1941

Flying Officer Jerzy Michal Czerniak of No 315 (Polish) Squadron was approaching the airfield to land in  Hawker Hurricane No P2827, when his engine failed, as he was unable to make the runway due the angle of decent being to steep he crashed onto the airport boundary fence, completely destroying the aircraft, fortunately Flying Officer Czerniak was uninjured.

Flying Officer Jerzy Michal Czerniak

Flying Officer Jerzy Michal Czerniak 

Flying Officer Czerniak was killed on the 9th August 1941 when flying Supermarine Spitfire No P8506, he was believed to have been shot down by Bf 109's whilst escorting Blenheims to Hazebrouck. Flying Officer Czerniak who was born in March 1913 and was in the post war Polish airforce, he was posted to No 302 Squadron at Leconfield in August 1941 and the moved to No 315 Squadron at Leconfield in January 1941. He was awarded the KW in December 1940 and two bars in October 1947.

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