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SECRET                                                                                                                                                        Form "F"
Sector Serial No                                                                                    (A)
Serial No. of Order detailing flight or squadron to Patrol              (B)
Date                                                                                                        (C)                8/10/1940
Flight, Squadron                                                                                  (D)                Flight:          B                Sqdn:          312
Number of Enemy Aircraft                                                                   (E)                ONE
Type of Enemy Aircraft                                                                       (F)                JU. 88
Time Attack was delivered                                                                  (G)                16.15
Place Attack was delivered                                                                 (H)                Over River Mersey (Speke)
Height of Enemy                                                                                   (J)                1200 feet
Enemy Casualties                                                                                 (K)                1 (shared)
Our Casualties                                      Aircraft                                    (L)                NIL
                                Personnel                               (M)                NIL
General Report                                                                                      (R)
                                                         I was Yellow 3 and shortly after taking off I saw AA fire and about 50 yards above the bursts on E/A flying due west at 1200 feet, very slowly. On seeing us the E/A climbed sharply trying to reach cloud cover. I was about 1200 feet below and to the rear and immediately gave a long burst until E/A disappeared into cloud. I continued to climb through cloud for about 15 seconds, and then saw a silhouette above me 50 yards in front. I immediately gave a second burst and E/A ceased climbing and glided down towards the left bank of the Mersey. I gave a third burst, emptying my guns, and saw his starboard engine on fire. I had to break away to avoid the Balloon Barrage, and as my guns were empty returned home.
  Sgt. J. Stehlik.
Squadron No. 312