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SECRET                                                                                                                                                        Form "F"
Sector Serial No                                                                                    (A)
Serial No. of Order detailing flight or squadron to Patrol              (B)
Date                                                                                                        (C)                8/10/1940
Flight, Squadron                                                                                   (D)                Flight:                     Sqdn:                312
Number of Enemy Aircraft                                                                   (E)                ONE
Type of Enemy Aircraft                                                                        (F)                JU 88.
Time Attack was delivered                                                                   (G)                16.15
Place Attack was delivered                                                                  (H)                Mersey
Height of Enemy                                                                                     (J)                1500 feet
Enemy Casualties                                                                                    (K)                ONE (SHARED)
Our Casualties                                      Aircraft                                     (L)                NIL
                                Personnel                                (M)                NIL
General Report                                                                                         (R)
                                                         On being ordered to take off I led Yellow section. When at 1000 feet I noticed Yellow 3 break off and climb. I then saw a JU 88 above me just about to enter cloud. I pulled the emergency boost control and climbed up to a position vertically underneath it. Yellow 3 did a attack and passed away to my left. I closed to an astern position 50 80 yards away and followed it through cloud firing continuously. One engine poured out smoke and the aircraft commenced to dive. I followed it down to 800 feet then broke away as both engines were on fire and I had run out of ammunition. While I was in the astern position after we had broken cloud Yellow 2 and 3 were doing attacks. Continuous return fire was experienced and I was hit on the windscreen and in the wing.
F/Lt. D. F. Gillam, A.F.C.
Squadron No. 312