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From:- R.A.F.Stn.Speke.

To:- Headquarters,Fighter Command
       Headquarters,No.9 Group (for G.I.O.)

Date:- 4th August 1943

Ref:- SPK/S.388/INT.

All times D.B.S.T.
A.Date:- 28th July 1943.
B.Unit:- M.S.F.U.
C.Type & Mark of Aircraft:- Hurricane Mk.I.
D.Time Attack was Delivered:- 19.45.
E. Place:- 43º03'N                16º06W
F.Weather:-  Vis. 15miles 2/10 cloud on horizon increasing to 6/10 at 10000.
G. Our Casualties Aircraft:- One Hurricane Mk.I. Cat. E.
H. Our Casualties Personnel:- Nil.
J. Enemy Casualties in Air Combat:- One F.W.200 probably destroyed.

I left Gibraltar 23rd July on aboard CAM SHIP “EMPIRE DARWIN” in convoy bound for U.K. at 19.30hrs on 28th July 1943 enemy activity was reported and I was ordered to readiness.At 19.38hrs I was signalled to launch,and did so successfully.I then received from the F.D.O.the instruction “Bandit at 9 o’clock.”and immediately made visual contact.

I recognised it as a F.W.200 flying at 1,000ft and gave chase, he was flyingN.but turned and flew south for a minute the proceeded eastward and reducing height to about 200ft.I had no difficulty overtaking at 6¼ boost,2600revs and approximately 250m.p.h.and made my attack on the potr quarter out of sun.My attack was delivered from 40º to 15º,opening fire at 300yrds and closing to almost point blank. I aimed at the cockpit giving 1½ to 1 ring deflection and gave a five second burst.I could see strikes in the sea round the nose, then a vivid white flash from near the turret, return fire was very heavy and uncomfortably close, but I could not see any strikes on my aircraft. Having broken away to port I repeated the attack but my guns ceased firing after about ½ second.However I kept making dummy attacks but gave up when I saw I was drawing well away from the convoy,and returned.

I last saw him flying eastward towards a bunk of cloud about 10miles away.On my return to the convoy I started circling at 1000ft. but reception on the R.T. had broken down.As I reached the port side of the convoy I observed the escorts opening fire at another F.W.200 which was making a bombing run from W. to E. at height of about 8000ft. I saw two near misses on H.M.S. SCYLLA and started climbing,I caught up with at 7000ft.and made a few dummy attacks,then followed him until he disappeared into cloud about twenty miles from the convoy.Having once more returned to the convoy I gave the appropriate signal to indicate that I was bailing out,about climbing to 4,500ft about three miles ahead I cleared the aircraft successfully and everything functioned perfectly. I was in the water for about 15mins.before being picked up by H.M.S.LEITH were I received every consideration including a hot bath and a glass of whisky.

The ships officer’s also referred to the fact that they had seen the flash from the enemy aircraft.


Claims:- One F.W.200 probably destroyed.


JAStewart     F/O.