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Hawker Hart K6499 - 22/05/1938

On the 22nd May 1938 Flight Lieutenant James Ellis McComb with leading Aircraftsman Passage as air gunner was piloting Harker Hart No K6499 of No 611 Squadron on air to air firing practice using cine guns with another  Harker Hart from the squadron.

When near Mold the flight of aircraft encountered bad visibility, the other aircraft managed to return to Speke but K6499 made a forced landing at Bromfeild Park, bending the tip of one of the wings upon braking.

Shortly afterwards a crash tender from Speke arrived with the intention to dismantle the aircraft, however an attempt was made to fly the aircraft out of the field which it only just achieved with inches to spare.

Flying Officer McComb

Flying Officer James Ellis McComb was born in 1909 and in 1934 he joined No 600 squadron AuxAF and transferred to No 611 squadron in September 1936. In 1938 Flying Officer McComb became a Flight Commander and after the war started Flying Officer McComb was given command of the squadron. Flying Officer McComb left the RAF in 1945 with the rank of Wing Commander.

Speke Incidents