Fairey Firefly DV443 - 25/05/1945.

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On the 24th May 1945 Fairey Firefly No DK443 of No 1790 squadron were to carry out deck landing exercises on HMS Puncher in the Irish Sea, DK443 was the second Firefly to carryout a landing and came in to land but touched the leading edge of the deck ripping out the arrester hook on the guard rail, after the loss of the hook there was no way to stop the aircraft other than the three barriers which the Firefly crashed through due to its speed and also tearing the undercarriage off the aircraft, the Firefly was still travelling at a speed fast enough to cause it to go over the bow of the carrier.

The carrier immediately put over its helm to avoid the aircraft and both crewmen were seen to climb out of the stricken aircraft, when a launch arrived to pick them up the pilot was found to be OK apart from a few minor injuries but the observer had died from drowning. The aircraft was flown by Sub Lieutenant A. Everett R.N.V.R. and Sub Lieutenant (A) Peter Cariss as the observer.

Sub Lieutenant (A) Peter Cariss aged 20 was the son of James and Elsie Cariss of Halton, Leeds and is buried in Whitekirk Cemetery, Leeds, grave No 194.

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