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12/09/1945 - Republic P-47 44-33864

On the 12th September 1945 at 10:30 hours, Lieutenant Edwin J Lijewski of the 310th Ferry Squadron took of from Speke in a Republic P-47 No 44-33864 and head towards Dover at 1,500 feet. His mission was to deliver the aircraft to the airfield at R-30, when in the vicinity of Thurleigh airfield the aircraft developed propeller trouble. The propeller began to run away and the efforts of Lieutenant Lijewski to control it with both the manual and electric controls were to no avail. The engine then caught fire and lost power, Lieutenant Lijewski was unable to reach the runway at Thurleigh and had to make a belly landing in an adjacent clover field, were the aircraft skidded along for 350 feet before coming to a stop.

Lieutenant Lijewski was uninjured and the aircraft was too badly damaged for repair and was only fit for salvage.

Speke Incidents