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From:-                     No. 312 Detachment, R.A.F. PENRHOS
To:-                         Headquarters, Fighter Command
Date:-                     14th March, 1941
Ref:-                        312SD/1/ops

Pilots Combat Report

At 11.05 hours Green Section were ordered to patrol Penrhos at 25,000. I as Green Leader confirmed Green Section airborne at 11.08 hours and commenced to orbit base. At 11.18 at 14,000 I was ordered to vector 300 and told that a Bogey was approaching from the N.W. at 10,000. We lost height to 11,00 and after 4 minutes sighted Bogey approaching on the Starboard bow at 8,000. We were up sun of the aircraft and I ordered Green 2 to break away and position himself for a quarter attack. At 11.25 hours I half rolled on to him, confirmed that the aircraft was a Ju.88 and opened fire at 200 yards for 2 seconds in a dive attack and hit the port engine which ceased to function. The E/A then turned southwards and we engaged him in synchronized quarter attacks. His starboard engine then failed, and I assume that Green 2 was responsible for this. The E/A then slowly lost height to about 30 feet above the sea during which time Green 2 and myself continued quarter attacks until our ammunition was exhausted. Heavy return cannon fire was experienced but was not effective, no hits being registered. E/A then hit the sea at 11.27 hours and broke its back sinking immediately. A buff coloured dinghy appeared and floated for minute then sank. One of the crew was seen to float for one minute and then disappear. The E/A sank approximately 25 miles South West of Bardsey Island as I returned to Bardsey Island at 220 miles per hour after 6 mins. Hydraulic Tests were then carried out at 4,000 after which time we orbited base and were told to pancake. Green section landed at 11.50 hours.

F/Lt A.M. Dawbarn
Flight Lieutenant, Commanding,
No. 312 Detachment, PENRHOS