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From:-                     No. 312 Detachment, R.A.F. PENRHOS
To:-                         Headquarters, Fighter Command
Date:-                     14th March, 1941
Ref:-                        312SD/1/op

Pilots Combat Report

                At 11.05 hours Green section were ordered to patrol Penrhos at 25,000’, and I was Green 2. We climbed over base until we reached 14,000’. At about 11.18 hours we were ordered to vector 300º. We dived slightly down to 11,000’, after about 4 minutes we received an order from “Mongoose” to look-out to the North West. After that I sighted an aircraft approaching on the starboard bow about 330º, the aircraft was about 1,000’ below us. I recognized it as a Ju.88. Immediately I decided to take up the position for carrying out a converging attack. This attack was carried out by my section leader from the right side, and I followed him 150 yards from the left side. I opened fire at about 200 yards for three seconds, during this attack there was return fire from the rear gun of the Ju.88. which appeared to be, judging by the flashes, cannon fire.

                After that the E/A was seen to dive slightly and turned southwards. I repeated my quarter attacks, and on the third attack which was carried out just above sea level I noticed that the starboard engine ceased to function and could see oil coming from it. The ineffective return fire stopped and after that I carried out five more attacks, just above sea level. After the last attack I saw that E/A landed in the water and that the tail broke. The aircraft remained about 20 seconds in the sea then turned over onto its nose and after about 20 seconds disappeared under the water.

                I saw a yellow rubber dinghy, and one member of the crew trying to get in it. After about ten seconds the dinghy and the man sank.

                After this I joined the section leader and tested the flaps at a height of 4,000’. We orbited Base for a few minutes then received an order to pancake. I landed at 11.50 hours.

Sgt. Stehlik, Josef

No. 312 Detachment, PENRHOS