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Sector Serial No                                                                                                       (A)  Not given
Serial No. of Order detailing Flight or squadron to Patrol                                (B)     
Date                                                                                                                           (C)    10.4.41
Flight, Squadron                                                                                                      (D)    Flight:    ”B”    Sqdn:    312
Number of Enemy Aircraft                                                                                      (E)    one
Type of Enemy Aircraft                                                                                           (F)    Me 110
Time Attack was delivered                                                                                      (G)    Approx. 1435 hrs
Place Attack was delivered                                                                                     (H)    25-30 m. SW of Bardsey Is.
Height of Enemy                                                                                                        (J)    25,000 – 1,000 – sea level
Enemy Casualties                                                                                                      (K)   Conclusive
                                                                                                                                              Inconclusive Damaged
Our Casualties                            Aircraft                                                                  (L)    1 Hurricane, Mk1
                                                    Personnel                                                                (M)    1 Pilot (F/L Dawbarn)
Searchlights. (Did they illuminate enemy; if                                                          (N)    (i)    Day
Not, were they in front or behind target?)
A.A Guns. (Did shell bursts assist pilot                                                                (N)    (ii)    No
Intercepting the enemy?)
Range at which fire was opened in each attack                                                    (P)    400 yards, 1 second
Delivered on the enemy together with estimated                                                          200 yards, 1 second
Length of burst
General Report                                                                                                            (R)


Personal Combat Report
                                I took off at 1350 hours as No. 2 of Blue section, squadron 312 (Czech) with an order to “Patrol Base Angels 20”. We climbed circling above the aerodrome up to 20,000 ft. At about 1425 hrs we were given the order “Angels 25”. While climbing I noticed smoke trails to the right of us and above. I flew forward and drew the attention of the Flight Commander to this. He started climbing rapidly in that direction and at about 1430 hrs, keeping the sun behind us, we climbed to 26,000 ft. The enemy noticed our smoke trails as well and turned in the opposite direction diving straight down. While diving we could not equal his speed. At about 1,000 ft. he leveled out and flew straight on. As we reached within about 600 yards of him, the enemy turned right against us. I recognised him as a Me110. The flight commander did not turn so quickly and was left slightly behind.

                                I at once made a head on attack, and commenced firing from 400 yards. I could only manage a one-second burst and noticed firing of front guns of the E/A. I got in front of the E/A and repeated quarter attacks from the left side, because E/A turned 180 degs. From his course and was now near the surface. I could again manage to give him a one-second burst. I left E/A by turning to the left in order to be able to repeat my attacks. While doing this I noticed Blue 1 dead astern about 200 to 300 yards behind the E/A and at the same time I noticed the E/A rear guns firing at Blue 1.

According to the size and speed of the flashes, I presumed they were cannons or large bore machine guns.

After completing the bank of my aircraft, I did not see Blue Leader any more and saw E/A about 500 yards in front of me just above the surface. Later on I lost sight of the E/A because of thick mist. I made a 360 degs. Turn and looked for Blue 1, but in vain, because I could only see a small patch of sea. Blue 1 was ordered by CAESAR “Patrol Angels 20”. I took the course of 60 degs. And climbed in the direction of my aerodrome. While flying at 1,800 ft. I was given the order to switch of my microphone and land. The E/A was slightly damaged during the combat.

                                I pancaked at 1504 hrs.


Jan Truhlar Sergeant
Jan Truhlar