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Station                   Woodvale                             24th February, 1942.
A.      Date                                                           21.2.42
B.       Unit                                                           308 (Polish) squadron
C.       Type & Mark of our A/C                       Spitfire VB
D.      Time Attack was delivered                    About 12.45 hours.
E.       Place of Attack                                        Near Walney Island
F.       Weather                                                    Cloud in layers
G.       Our Casualties A/c                                 Cat AC
H.      Our Casualties Personnel                       Nil
J.        Enemy Casualties in Air Combat.         1 JU 88 damaged.
K.      Enemy Casualties Ground or sea          Nil
General Report
                                I took off on Scramble on the 21st February 1942 at 12.15 hrs. with Sgt. Marecki as my Green 2. Orders by Operations to Lancaster at 11,000 feet. Over Lancaster were ordered to Orbit and gain height up to 14,000 feet. Operations gave a new vector and height. I saw an aircraft at about 18,000 feet; climbing and following the aircraft I identified it as a JU 88. Seeing us the E/A turned first North, then west, and began to loose height in order to reach cloud level. I tried to overtake the E/A and from about 400 yards. The enemy top and lower rear gunners opened fire at me. I gave a short burst with my Cannon and Machine guns and the E/a took evasive action. I closed to 200 yards giving short bursts with my cannon and machine guns until I had expended all my ammunition. I noticed that the top rear gunner had ceased firing at me. Soon after the E/A was lost in cloud, so with No.2 I returned to base, landing at 13.00 hrs. I discovered on landing that bullets had damaged my starboard wing.
                I claim 1 JU 88 damaged.
No. of Rounds fired
                                Cannon                  Port                         4             (Stoppage) )
                                                                Starb’d                   60                                )            64
                                M.G.                       Port 1                      47  (Stoppage)          )
                                                                Port 2                      50  (Stoppage)          )
                                                                Starb’d 1                350                              )
                                                                Starb’d 2                350                              )             797
Total Rounds fired                 861


Signature      Zielinski H

No. 308 (Polish) Squadron